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Products and Services FAQs

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Did Equinix acquire Verizon’s managed services business within these facilities?  

What Equinix colocation products are offered in Verizon data centers?  

What will Verizon products and services be called at Equinix?  

Verizon offered a muxing and de-muxing service. Does Equinix support new orders of this service?  

Will Equinix sell the Verizon Remote Hands and/or Verizon Smart Hands services?  

What is Equinix Infrastructure Services (EIS)?  

Will EIS, including custom parts and labor, be available in Verizon data centers? Will current EIS vendors be available as well?  

Are antenna services available at Verizon data centers?  

Will network-timing services be available at Verizon data centers?  

Welche alternativen IP-Transit-Provider sind in MI1 verfügbar?  

I have purchased a bundle that includes colocation and Verizon Managed Router Service (MRS). Where do I go for customer support related to this bundle with Verizon Managed Router Service (MRS)?