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*An Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) is how Equinix refers to its data centers. IBXs provide access to vital ecosystems where major networks, enterprises and business partners interconnect to each other and to more than 1,600+ available networks.

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Managed Router Services

What is the Managed Router Services Bundle (MRS)?

The Managed Router Services bundle is a service bundle offered by Verizon that included colocation (space and power) and IP Transit services. Equinix assumed these bundles as part of the acquisition, with Verizon continuing to provide and support the IP Transit services.

Customers with this bundle will be migrated to the equivalent Equinix colocation product (Private Cage or Secure Cabinet), with the IP Transit service listed as a separate line item on the customer’s invoice. (NOTE: The bundle has been split into two services.) In the short term, we will continue invoicing the IP Transit portion of the service, on behalf of Verizon, as the service is currently provided by Verizon.

Verizon plans to decommission this specific IP Transit product for these bundles within one year after the close of the transaction (May 2018). Until this time, Verizon will continue to support the IP transit service as customers migrate to other options. We will work with customers to transition them to Equinix Connect (where available) or other service providers within their Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) for their IP Transit requirements.

I have purchased a bundle that includes colocation and Verizon Managed Router Service (MRS). Where do I go for Equinix Customer Support related to this bundle with Verizon Managed Router Service (MRS)?

Following the closure of Verizon’s co-location, cloud and managed hosting, Verizon support for retained Managed Router Service (MRS) will continue to be performed by the Verizon service and network operation centers. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Customers can request support by email to our service center (servicecenter@verizon.com). During an emergency or outside office hours our 24/7 network operation center (NOC) can be reached through the service center on US toll-free phone number 866.273.8735, global UNFI number 00800 8800 0080 or +44 118 905 4003 for immediate resolution.

While Verizon will continue to fulfill the Managed Router Service, you may need to reach out to the Equinix Global Service Desk (GSD) or your Equinix Customer Success Manager (CSM) to initiate support requests.

What alternative IP transit providers are available in MI1?

You can connect to over 80 alternative providers at our MI1 IBX data center. A list of alternative providers is provided below.

Please note, you will be required to engage these providers directly to secure your IP Transit service.

  • Allied Fiber
  • Antel
  • AT&T
  • Azultel
  • Bahamas Telecommunications
  • Bantel International Corporation
  • Belgacom North America ICS
  • Belize Telecommunications
  • Bestel
  • Boliviatel
  • British Telecom BT LatAm
  • BroadbandOne
  • Cable & Wireless Americas
  • Cable & Wireless Americas - (EWC) - LIME
  • Cable Onda
  • CAF (Corporación Andina de Fomento)
  • Centennial Florida Switch
  • Centurylink (Qwest/Savvis)
  • China Telecom
  • China Unicom
  • Clear Wireless
  • CNT EP (Corporacion National de Telecommunicaciones)
  • Cogent Communications
  • Columbus Networks
  • Comcast Cable
  • Compañia Dominicana de Telefonos (CODETEL)
  • Conecel
  • EarthLink Business
  • Emerging Markets Panama
  • Equant (France Telecom)
  • EuroTransit
  • FiberLight
  • Florida LambdaRail
  • FPL FiberNet
  • Global Telecom & Technology (GTT)
  • GlobeNet
  • Hotwire Business Solutions
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Init7
  • Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE)
  • InterNAP
  • IPTP
  • KPN
  • Latam Telecommunications
  • Latin America Nautilus (LAN/Sparkle/ Seabone)
  • LDTeleCom
  • Level 3 Communications
  • Metrored Mexico
  • Millicom Americas
  • Mossel Jamaica Limited (DIGICEL)
  • Navega
  • NewCom Limited
  • NTT
  • Oi Movil
  • Open Telecom
  • Orange Dominicana
  • PCCW Global
  • PREPA Networks
  • Radianz Americas (BT)
  • Sago Networks
  • San Juan Cable
  • Sling Broadband
  • Smitcoms Dominicana
  • Sprint Communications
  • Sunrise/TDC Switzerland
  • Swisscom
  • Tata Communications
  • TeleBarbados
  • TeleBermuda International
  • Telecom Columbia USA
  • Telecommunications
  • Telefónica International Wholesale Services (TIWS)
  • Telekom Malaysia
  • TeleSUR
  • TeliaSonera International Carrier
  • Telmex USA
  • Terra Networks
  • Three Sixty Communications Limited
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Trilogy Dominicana
  • TW Telecom
  • Verizon Business
  • Wind
  • Windstream
  • XO Communications
  • XTEC
  • Yak Communications
  • Zayo (AboveNet)

Will my services be impacted?

Colocation services will not be impacted; however, IP Transit services will be impacted as a result of Verizon’s decision to decommission this service as of one year past the acquisition (May 2018). As previously indicated, Equinix is developing options for customers to migrate to either the Equinix equivalent product (Equinix Connect), or alternative carriers. At this time, customers will have the opportunity to migrate to the Equinix colocation product, or simply amend their contract to remove the IP Transit services.

How can I find out who provides IP Transit service in my IBX?

You can utilize the Equinix Marketplace to identify and contact service providers. Learn more about Marketplace ›

Equinix Connect

What is Equinix Connect?

Equinix Connect bietet einen gebündelten IP-Transit für Equinix Kunden, die eine zentrale Lösung benötigen. Zusätzlich zu allen anderen Dienstleistungen von Equinix erhalten Sie:

  • The high reliability of an Equinix service offering
  • A single point of contact for quoting/consultation, ordering, installation, provisioning, project management and support
  • Eine Einzelrechnung für Ihren IP-Transit-Service

When will Equinix Connect be available?

Equinix Connect wird unseren Kunden in Miami (MI1) und São Paulo (SP4) voraussichtlich Ende 2017 zur Verfügung stehen und wird in allen anderen IBX-Rechenzentren in der Metropolregion Miami in der ersten Hälfte von 2018 erhältlich sein.

Intra-Facility Cable (IFC)

What is an IFC?

Cross connects at many of the acquired Verizon IBX data centers are completed in two cable segments. The intra-facility cable, the first segment of cable, runs from the patch panel demarc in the customer cage/cabinet to the meet point room. The cross connect, the second segment of cable, is patched inside the meet point room.

Kann das IFC über das Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) bestellt werden? Falls ja, wie kann ich eine Bestellung aufgeben?

Cross Connects and IFC orders can be placed on the Equinix Customer Portal. The customer uses the Install Base Report downloaded from the ECP to get asset reference IDs to complete the Cross Connect and IFC orders. Please refer to the training deck for a walk through of completing Cross Connect and IFC orders. The customer can order IFCs in two ways:

  1. Order Cross Connects and IFCs online through the ECP. The customer uses the Cross Connect order feature on the ECP and when the Velocity IBXs is selected, the customer can select the cage, cabinet, and patch panel port for the A-side and Z-side customers. If an LOA is uploaded on the Z-side, only the IBX and Circuit ID parameters are the only required fields.
  2. Order only IFCs in advance of Cross Connect. This option, also available from the ECP, allows the customer to build advance IFC capacity and expedite completion of Cross Connect orders. After the form is completed and submitted, a member of GSD will call the customer to complete order.

IFC Equinix Customer Portal Training Video ›

IFC Equinix Customer Portal Training Deck ›

Welche Informationen sind für die Bestellung eines IFC nötig?

You will need to provide the A-side IFC-ID, which indicates: the assigned port(s) within your space, the media type and the number of circuits.

What if I don’t know my IFC-ID for the A-side?

If you don’t have the IFC-ID for the A-side, you can place an order on the next available IFC port. Please retrieve an Install Base Report from the Equinix Customer Portal to get an inventory of your assets and reference IDs.

What changes are being made to demarcation standards due to the acquisition?

Prior to the acquisition, the end of the IFC that terminated in the customer cage/cabinet was often not connected to a patch panel. You were responsible for managing IFC cable termination inside your cage/cabinet.

Moving forward, customer IFCs will be terminated to an Equinix-provided patch panel in your cage/cabinet.

Does an IFC need to be ordered prior to a cross connect?

Yes, the IFC needs to be ordered and installed prior to a cross connect order in applicable sites (reference next question for sites where IFC is required.). Therefore, we recommend that customers order multiple IFCs ahead of time to improve order delivery times.

In order to align cross connect delivery intervals in IFC sites with the standard Equinix delivery interval of 24-hours, we will require customers to order a minimum of 3 CAT5 IFCs, at our current NRC rate. We will continue to monitor any non-standard (1/quantity IFC orders) and make adjustments on a case-by-case basis. Please understand that future cross connect intervals will take 9 – 12 days for delivery if there is no IFC in place.

Für welche IBX Rechenzentren muss das IFC vor der Bestellung von Cross Connects angefordert werden?

Das IFC muss für folgende Standorte vor den Cross Connects angefordert werden:



  • IAD3 (Culpeper) CU1
  • IAD3 (Culpeper) CU2
  • IAD3 (Culpeper) CU3
  • IAD3 (Culpeper) CU4


  • DEN1 (Englewood) DE2


  • MIA1 (Miami NOTA) MI1

Silicon Valley

  • SJC3 (Santa Clara) SV14
  • SJC3 (Santa Clara) SV15
  • SJC3 (Santa Clara) SV16
  • SJC3 (Santa Clara) SV17


São Paulo

  • GRU1 (São Paulo NAP) SP4


  • BOG1 (Bogotá NAP) BG1

Are separate fees required for the Intra-facility Cable (IFC) or cross connect when connecting to the Equinix Internet Exchange?

No. The IFC and cross connect are included with the Equinix Internet Exchange product. If a cross connect is ordered to IX.br/PTT, then there will be a charge for the IFC and the cross connect.

Can IFCs be ordered individually or do they come in bundles?

For fiber, IFCs are ordered in bundles of three (3), six (6), 12, 24, etc., with a minimum of three (3) pair required. For copper, customers can order in quantities of one (1), but typically, customers will purchase larger bundles up front to more quickly enable their cross connects in the MPR.

Internet Exchange

What is the Equinix Internet Exchange (IX)?

Equinix Internet Exchange bietet eine zuverlässige Switching-Plattform für IP Netzwerk-Interconnection. IX ermöglicht einen effizienten Datenverkehraustausch durch die Zusammenfassung tausender von Peering-Sessions auf einer einzigen Hardware-Plattform in einem IBX-Rechenzentrum, wodurch die Zuverlässigkeit der IP-Datenübertragung gesteigert und die Kosten gesenkt werden.

Will Equinix continue to offer Internet Exchange service at Miami and São Paulo IBX data centers?

Yes, Equinix will continue to offer Internet Exchange in both Miami and São Paulo. You can order new ports through the Equinix Customer Portal.

What port speeds and interface types does Equinix support on the Internet Exchange?

Equinix bietet IX-Ports mit 1Gig (SX und LX), 10G (LR), und 100G (LR4) Übertragungsgeschwindigkeit.

Does Equinix support link aggregation for IX ports?

Equinix unterstützt Link Aggregation für alle Übertragungsgeschwindigkeiten.

Gibt es ein Service-Level-Agreement (SLA) für Equinix Internet Exchange?

Ja, Equinix unterstützt eine 99.99% per SLA garantierte Verfügbarkeit bei dem IX-Service.

Does Equinix have a portal for the Internet Exchange service?

Ja! Das Portal finden Sie bei ix.equinix.com. Das Portal enthält Tools, um IX-Teilnehmerlisten zu beobachten, Statistiken über Aggregation und Peer-zu-Peer Datenverkehr zu analysieren, neue Peers und Lücken zu bestehenden Partnern zu finden und sich multilateralen Route-Servern anzuschließen. Zugangsgenehmigungen zum Portal werden von Ihrem Portal-Adminstrator gewährt.

Wie erhalte ich Support bei technischen oder operativen Problemen von Equinix IX?

You can contact the Equinix NOC at noc@equinix.com or call the Equinix Service Desk at 1.866.378.4649 (Miami) or +55.11.3958.2564 (Sao Paulo).

How can I order new or additional IX ports? Is there capacity available?

New and additional IX ports are available for ordering on the Equinix Customer Portal. You can also work with your account team for quoting and ordering. Portal access permissions are granted by your organization’s portal administrator.

Bietet Equinix private VLAN-Optionen an?

Ja, wir haben ein privates VLAN-Produkt, um Punkt-zu-Punkt  802.1q-gekapseltes VLAN zwischen zwei IX-Teilnehmern zu ermöglichen.

Does Equinix have route-servers for the IX service?

Equinix wird die Legacy Route-Server von Verizon in den kommenden Monaten weiterhin unterstützen. Anfang 2018 wird Equinix seine eigenen Route-Server in den IX von Miami und Sao Paulo zur Verfügung stellen. Der Service von Equinix wird als Multi-Lateraler Peering Exchange (MLPE) bezeichnet und verfügt über redundante Route-Server an jedem IX-Standort. Wir unterstützen IPv4 und IPv6 an allen MLPE-Standorten und BGP-Communities für Datensteuerung. Für die detaillierte Beschreibung dieses Service sowie einen Teilnahmeantrag besuchen Sie bitte die MLPE Informationsseite auf dem Internet Exchange Portal.

Does Equinix offer any Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protections?

Ja! Wir bieten eine mit IETF kompatible Lösung, die Remote-Triggered Blackhole (RTBH)-Service auf unseren MPLE Route-Servern und zwischen bilateralen Peers unterstützt.

Does Equinix offer any participant mailing-lists so I can share operational information with all of them?

Ja! Mailinglisten sind in jeder Region verfügbar. In Nord- und Südamerika kann exchange-discussion@equinix.com für Mitteilungen an Ihre Peers und die Diskussion verwandter Themen benutzt werden. Um sich hierfür zu registrieren, schicken Sie bitte eine Email an noc@equinix.com, und lassen Sie sich zur Mailingliste von exchange-discussion@equinix.com hinzufügen.

Will Equinix send me IX maintenance and service disruption notifications?

Ja! Bei geplanten Wartungsarbeiten benachrichtigt Equinix seine Kunden 2Wochen und 24-Stunden im Voraus per Email. Im Fall von ungeplanten Wartungsarbeiten bemüht sich Equinix, so schnell wie möglich auf etwaige Service-Beeinträchtigungen hinzuweisen. Im Fall von unerwarteten Ausfallzeiten veröffentlicht Equinix frühe und wiederholte Benachrichtigungen und bietet Kunden auf Anfrage ein RFO.

Welche anderen Änderungen kann ich in Bezug auf IX erwarten?

Geplant sind einige operative Veränderungen, unter anderem:

  1. Equinix will have to replace and return the IPv4 and IPv6 subnets Verizon used for the IX platforms in Miami and Sao Paulo. More details and frequent notifications on this change will be forthcoming in Q1 when we kick off the migration process.
  2. Wenn wir die Details über IP-Adressenmigration bekannt geben, werden wir auch Instruktionen für die Verbindung zu den neuen Equinix MLPE Route-Servern mitliefern. Im Jahr 2018 werden die Legacy Route-Server von Verizon auslaufen.
  3. Innerhalb der nächsten Monate wird Equinix die alte IX Switching-Plattform durch neue Endschalter ersetzen. Kunden werden im Voraus über alle geplanten betriebsstörenden Arbeiten informiert.


Why is Equinix decommissioning the muxing/demuxing service?

The demand for these services has fallen significantly over the past few years because customers are using the legacy protocols in muxing/demuxing less frequently. Additionally, modern methods of accomplishing this task are available on customer equipment.

When will service cease for muxing/demuxing?

You will be given a minimum of 180 days to migrate your services internally or to a service provider. Customers with muxing/demuxing services under contract will continue to be serviced until contract expiration or 180 days from the date of notification, whichever is longer.

Can I cancel muxing/demuxing services prior to the contract expiration?

Yes, you may cancel your muxing/demuxing services at your convenience ahead of contract expiration.


Will there be any difference in my Remote Hands and/or Smart Hands service after moving to ECO?

With the conversion of Verizon systems to the Equinix Customer One (ECO) platform, Equinix will be transitioning both the Verizon Remote Hands and Verizon Smart Hands service to the Equinix Smart Hands™ service.

Through our Equinix Smart Hands service, our highly trained and experienced IBX technicians provide remote management, custom installations and equipment troubleshooting assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Die Services von Equinix Smart Hands beinhalten:

  • Onsite technical assistance and troubleshooting
  • Geräteinstallation und -konfiguration
  • Installation in Racks, anschlussfertige Verdrahtung von Patchpanels und Equipment
  • Aus- und Einbau sowie Konfiguration von Schnittstellenkarten
  • Test der Medien auf gleichmäßige und zuverlässige Signalübertragung
  • Kontrolle der Ferndiagnose und Fehlerbehebung
  • Kennzeichnung von Geräten, Gerätebestandsaufnahmen
  • Assisting in the conference room and with AV equipment setup
  • Power cycling a router, server and switch, and soft-booting a server
  • Hinzufügen, Entfernen und Kontrolle von Abgrenzungen
  • Umstellen von Geräten innerhalb Ihres Stellplatzes oder Schranks
  • Kabel umverlegen oder absichern

Ihre Equinix Smart Hands Tickets werden nun von Equinix per standardmäßiger Email bestätigt, einschließlich von Benachrichtigungen über Buchung, Terminvereinbarung und Auftragsausführung.

More information on Equinix Smart Hands service ›

Why is Equinix decommissioning Verizon Remote Hands service?

Equinix is integrating all Verizon Remote Hands services under Equinix Smart Hands so that we have a single consistent service globally. Some Verizon data centers only offered Remote Hands, but will now offer Equinix Smart Hands. This means previous features and SLA/SLOs for Verizon services will no longer be available and will be replaced by the standard Equinix Smart Hands and Support Plan features.

Why is Equinix decommissioning Verizon Smart Hands service?

Equinix is integrating all Verizon Smart Hands services under Equinix Smart Hands so that we have a single, consistent service globally. This means the previous features and SLA/SLOs for the Verizon services will no longer be available and will be replaced by the standard Equinix Smart Hands and Support Plan features.

Verizon Remote Hands pricing was lower than Verizon Smart Hands. What will my new Equinix Smart Hands service pricing be?

The transition to Equinix Smart Hands service includes transitioning to the standard Equinix Smart Hands features, SLOs, billing intervals and pricing. Note that while the pricing for Equinix Smart Hands service is higher than the Verizon Remote Hands service, it is less than the Verizon Smart Hands service. In addition, the Equinix Smart Hands service billing interval is standardized at 30 minutes vs. 60 minutes under both Verizon Remote Hands and Verizon Smart Hands.

Thus, all Remote Hands activities that are completed in less than 30 minutes will result in a lower standard charge to you. In addition, all Equinix Smart Hands activities, regardless of time required to complete, will result in a lower charge to you.

Finally, you can receive significant discounts for Equinix Smart Hands services by purchasing an Equinix Smart Hands Support Plan. We have created promotional Equinix Smart Hands Support Plans that start at the Verizon Remote Hands rate, so you can continue to take advantage of the previous Verizon Remote Hands pricing. Please note, Equinix provides both a monthly support plan and an annual support plan (hours purchased are good for 12 months).

Contact your Equinix Sales Account Executive for more information on the promotional Equinix Smart Hands Support Plan.

I had a Verizon Remote Hands and/or Verizon Smart Hands Support Plan. What will happen to those plans?

Existing Verizon Remote Hands and/or Verizon Smart Hands Support Plans will be transitioned to an Equinix Smart Hands Support Plan with the same number of hours and the same monthly pricing as your current plan.

Will there be any difference in how the support plans work?

The Verizon support plans are available only as a monthly plan. In addition, the hours purchased under the Verizon support plans are valid only for the individual IBX purchased.

The Equinix Smart Hands Support Plans are available as both an annual plan and a monthly plan. In addition, the hours purchased with an Equinix Smart Hands Support Plan can be used for all space in Equinix IBX data centers that are under the same customer billing account number and are within the same country.

I had a Verizon Hands and Eyes Support Plan. What will I transition to?

Customers on the legacy Verizon Hands and Eyes Service will have their support plan hours migrated to Equinix Smart Hands Support Plans with the same number of hours and pricing.

Power Overage

What is the power overage charge?

Verizon applied a power overage charge to customers who exceeded their contracted power usage for their cage/cabinet.

Why is Equinix removing the charge?

Customers should not exceed the draw cap for their cage/cabinet. Customers who exceed their draw cap will be required to increase the draw cap rather than be charged overage fees.

Cooling Premium

What is the cooling premium charge?

Pertinent to Verizon circuit-based customers only, the cooling premium charge was an additional charge to offset the cooling needed for those customers with higher power density deployments.

Why is Equinix removing the charge?

Customers should be renewed to the appropriate Private Cage or Secure Cabinet with kVA-based Power at contract renewal. The Equinix products are inclusive of cooling premiums and will no longer be included as a separate line item.

Equinix Marketplace

Was ist der Equinix Marketplace?

Marketplace is an easy-to-use site that helps Equinix customers connect with each other to find the services they need to grow their business. The Marketplace gives you the ability to leverage the Equinix rich customer and partner ecosystems, global footprint and state-of-the-art data centers to reach customers and generate growth.

Why should I use Marketplace?

Für Verkäufer

Marketplace is a gateway to highly-profitable leads

  • Showcase your company in your own customized storefront
  • Connect with highly-qualified buyers in your IBX locations and your target addressable markets
  • Sell more products and services via Marketplace customer-to-customer directory and search
For Buyers

Marketplace is a gateway to best-in-class providers

  • Locate the right products and services in the right IBX locations from suppliers on Marketplace
  • Reduzieren Sie die Markteinführungszeit durch die Integration neuer Partner.
  • Discover new partners quickly and efficiently through Marketplace directory and search

Learn how to best leverage the Marketplace by watching the Marketplace YouTube Channel.

How do I register for an Equinix Marketplace account?

If you are an existing Equinix customer, you can self-register on marketplace.equinix.com or you can email a request for a Marketplace demo.

When will I be able to search for and view the former Verizon data center customer locations in Marketplace?

For existing sellers on the Marketplace, their company storefronts will be automatically updated with new IBX data center locations. Customers who are new to Marketplace will have storefronts automatically created with the new locations listed.

Watch this video to increase leads from your storefront.





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