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Verizon Customer Resource Center

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Migration to Equinix Platform

Customer Support FAQs

*An Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) is how Equinix refers to its data centers. IBXs provide access to vital ecosystems where major networks, enterprises and business partners interconnect to each other and to more than 1,600+ available networks.

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Migration Schedule

The following former Verizon sites migrated in the first-migration-phase on August 14, 2017:

Site Location Verizon Site Code Equinix IBX Code
Doral (Miami), Florida MIA2 MI6
Englewood, Colorado DEN1 DE2
Houston, Texas IAH1 HO1
San Jose, Kalifornien SJC2 SV13
Santa Clara, California SJC3 SV14, SV15, SV16, SV17
Torrance, California LAX1 LA7

All remaining former Verizon sites migrated in the second-migration-phase on October 9, 2017:

Site Location Verizon Site Code Equinix IBX Code
Billerica, Massachusetts BOS1 BO2
Bogotá, Colombia BOG1 BG1
Ashburn, Virginia IAD1 DC13
Atlanta, Georgia ATL1 AT4
Carteret, New Jersey EWR1 NY11
Culpeper, Virginia IAD3 CU1, CU2, CU3, CU4
Elmsford, New York LGA1 NY13
Herndon, Virginia IAD2 DC97
Irving, Texas DFW1 DA9
Kent, Washington SEA1 SE4
Manassas, Virginia IAD4 DC14
Miami (NAP), Florida MIA1 MI1
Norcross, Georgia ATL2 AT5
Piscataway, New Jersey EWR2 NY12
Richardson (Alma), Texas DFW2 DA10
São Paulo, Brasilien GRU1 SP4
Westmont, Illinois ORD1 CH7

Customer Care and Support

Contact Equinix’s Global Service Desk (GSD) 24/7/365 via phone or email.


  • U.S.: +1.866.EQUINIX (+1.866.378.4649)
  • Brazil: +55.0800.878.1202
  • Colombia: +57.01.800.518.4298

Equinix Customer Support

If my business situation has changed and I no longer require some of my existing services, how do I go about terminating my services?

In order to avoid any unnecessary fees or additional payments, your non-renewal notice must be provided to us in writing and emailed to incomingdocs@equinix.com 90-days prior to your contract expiration to avoid unnecessary fees or additional payments.

Arrangements should be made to remove your equipment within ten (10) days from your termination date.

Will my Equinix Account Executive, Sales Engineer and Customer Success Manager (formerly Service Manager) team change as a result of this migration?

To make this transition as smooth as possible for our customers, the Equinix account team providing support in these IBX data centers will remain the same.

What can I expect from my Customer Success Manager (CSM)?

Your CSM will be your Equinix advocate, post-sales point of contact, and will guide you on a wide array of inquiries including, but not limited to:

  • Adding services to existing footprints
  • Upgrades
  • De-installs of space or power
  • Terminations
  • Cage reconfigurations/mergers
  • Escalations
  • Install base or asset validations
  • Tours and audits

What is an onboarding session?

An onboarding session is an orientation to Equinix's services, policies, procedures and the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP). A member of our Customer Care team will contact you several weeks prior to the migration to schedule an onboarding session. This will help you better understand how to more effectively engage and interact with Equinix. If you have not heard from the Customer Care team, regarding an onboarding session, please contact the Global Service Desk (GSD) who can assist.


  • U.S.: +1.866.EQUINIX (+1.866.378.4649)
  • Brazil: +55.0800.878.1202
  • Colombia: +57.01.800.518.4298

Equinix Customer Support

What is the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) and will I be provided user instructions?

ECP is our web portal that enables customers to engage with Equinix and conduct business online. The portal provides four key functions:

  • User management and permissions
  • Order products and submit tickets
  • Account information, invoices and reporting
  • Support topics and video library

During your onboarding session, this will be reviewed in greater detail. Please visit ECP Preview for an overview or view the New Administrator Training or New User Training videos at any time to get more familiar with the portal.

How can I get access to the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP)?

Your registered Administrators will be able to create a profile for you on the Equinix Customer Portal and can allocate access, ordering and viewing permissions accordingly. Alternatively, your administrator can contact the Global Service Desk (GSD) to create a profile and access for you.

When will I have access to the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP)?

You should have received a registration email the day before your Equinix migration, either August 14, 2017 (first-migration-phase) or October 9, 2017 (second-migration-phase). You will then be able to register on the day of migration and have access to ECP. Please contact our Global Service Desk (GSD) for 24/7/365 support, if you did not receive a registration email.

Your current Administrators should have the role of ECP Administrator and all other users will be registered as standard ECP users. All standard ECP users and Administrators will receive a user name via email and will be prompted to create a password, 4-digit PIN and security questions for the Equinix Customer Portal.

When will I receive my login details for the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP)?

You should have received an email with your registration details the day before your Equinix migration ( either August 14, 2017 or October 9, 2017). Please contact our Global Service Desk (GSD) if you did not receive this registration email.

How do I manage my Access Control List (ACL) / User Profiles and Permissions?

Access Control Lists are known as “user profiles and permissions” on ECP. ECP Administrators are able to manage user profiles and permissions directly on ECP.

ECP functionality includes the following capabilities:

  • Manage user permissions and profiles
  • View monthly invoices
  • Order cross connects, intra-facility cables (IFCs), and Equinix Smart Hands services
  • Open trouble tickets and schedule services such as shipments and work visits
  • View Install Base assets

What products and services will be available on the Equinix Customer Portal?

All space, cage and power services are available for ordering, including Equinix Smart Hands, shipments and work visits.

Who's the best Equinix resource to help me?

Global Service Desk / Equinix Customer Portal:
Trouble tickets, Equinix Smart Hands, shipments, IBX access, tours

Sales Account Executive:
New space or cages, new network services, renewals

Sales Engineer:
Custom orders, Equinix Infrastructure Services, cable runs, large number of ladder racks or fiber trays

Customer Success Manager:
Add cabs or power to your existing footprint, terminations, Install Base validation, escalation support, tours, audit requests

Customer Project Manager:
Manage projects, migrations or hot-cuts, cross connects, intra-facility cables (IFCs)

Billing Analyst:
Billing questions, invoice preferences

Who can I contact to request new services, expand my space or discuss options to renew my contract?

Please contact your Sales Account Executive for new service, expansion inquiries or to renew your services.

I have a question about the pricing of services. Who should I contact?

Please contact your Sales Account Executive and Customer Success Manager with any questions about pricing.

I have feedback for Equinix. What should I do?

To leave general feedback regarding your Equinix service, please go to: https://www.customersat3.com/csc/equinix.

Alternatively, for feedback or help regarding real-time issues, please contact your Customer Success Manager or our Global Service Desk, 24/7/365, by phone or email.

If I only have Verizon references and naming conventions for my assets, how do I find my Equinix cage, cabinet and other serial numbers?

On the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP), download your Install Base Report of your colocation assets. For instructions on how to obtain this report, please see this how-to video: Install Base Report.

In the Install Base Report, your colocation assets are sorted in different tabs by product type: cage, cabinet, power, patch panel, cross connects, etc. Verizon references will be listed in the Legacy reference column.

Asset Type Legacy Verizon Reference Equinix Reference / Serial Number
Cage IAH19XQ93442 Cage number: 0929391 or
HO1:07:0929391 (IBX:Floor:Cage)
Cabinet IAH19ZV96801 Cabinet number: 0993 or
HO1:07:0929391:0993 (IBX:Floor:Cage:Cabinet)
Stromversorgung IAH19VM89201CKT004A Serial number: 99738040
Patch Panel PP:0993:99112446 (Patch Panel:Cabinet:Unique Panel ID)
Intra-Facility Cabling (IFC) NAPIAH1.9_T79606.906.04.16:15/16 See “Patch Panel” reference.
(Note: IFCs now correlate to Patch Panel serial numbers in your cages/cabinets. Please reference these Patch Panel serial numbers to request new interconnections.)
Cross Connect 9.XE.151478.0004.12 Serial number: 99396454

How does the acquisition impact my in-progress project(s)?

Your existing Customer Project Manager (formerly known as your Implementation Manager) and data center operations teams will continue to manage your project requests through to completion. Please contact your CPM with any questions. If you don't know who your CPM is, send a request to support@equinix.com.

Global Service Desk (GSD)

What is the Global Service Desk?

The Global Service Desk is your 24/7/365 support for all customer requests and incidents occurring within our IBX data centers. Contact details are available here.

What can I expect from the Global Service Desk (GSD)?

The GSD can assist you with placing tickets for:

  • Trouble requests – if you are experiencing any issues with your colocation services
  • Equinix Smart Hands – if you need our technicians’ help with an on-site task at your data center
  • Shipping requests to your data center
  • Getting access to your data center

What are the hours of operation for the Global Service Desk?

The Global Service Desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

I need urgent support in my IBX. What can I do?

Please contact the GSD 24/7/365 by phone or via the Equinix Customer Portal.


  • U.S.: +1.866.EQUINIX (+1.866.378.4649)
  • Brazil: +55.0800.878.1202
  • Colombia: +57.01.800.518.4298

Equinix Customer Support

The Global Service Desk has informed me that my e-mail address is not registered. How can I be added to the list of authorized users?

Please contact the main Administrator of your organization. If you don’t know who that is, contact the GSD and they can assist you with reaching out to one of your company Administrators.

What is the purpose of the 4-digit PIN on ECP?

The 4-digit PIN enables the Global Service Desk (GSD) to authenticate customers via telephone. Once authenticated, contacts will be able to request updates on open orders or service requests and can request to speak directly with IBX technicians working on issues.

I have sent an email but my request is urgent. What can I do?

Should you feel the original request is now more urgent, in lieu of an e-mail, please call us using one of the telephone numbers listed below. Choose your preferred language.


  • U.S.: +1.866.EQUINIX (+1.866.378.4649)
  • Brazil: +55.0800.878.1202
  • Colombia: +57.01.800.518.4298

Equinix Customer Support

How do I open a ticket for a service-impacting issue?

Please submit a trouble ticket on the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP), or contact the Global Service Desk (GSD).

What types of notifications should I expect from Equinix?

From time to time, you can expect to receive notifications from some of our operations teams:

  • Equinix Operations Center (EOC): data center events, incidents and outages that may affect you
  • Network Operations Center (NOC): network events, incidents and outages that may affect you
  • Automated system notifications: order acknowledgements, request for information, various approvals (expedites, change requests, post-initial install, etc.) and completion and closure notices





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