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According to Cisco, global data center IP traffic will nearly triple over the next five years, with annual traffic amounts reaching 8.6 zettabytes in 2018. Overall, data center IP traffic will grow at a rate of 23% (CAGR) from 2013 to 2018. It is imperative for enterprises to take a fresh look at their network infrastructures—their wide-area networks (WANs), in particular—to meet the challenges of this massive growth in IP traffic and the associated end-user requirements for on-demand applications and cloud services. Many enterprises and hosted service providers lack the level of flexible and agile IT and network infrastructure, technical resources and geographic proximity required to provide fast, secure and reliable application and content delivery, as well as access to cloud services.

2,900+ cloud, IT and system integrator services
320 carriers, mobile services and network service providers
10 IBX data center locations
55 global markets


Realisieren Sie ein Unternehmens-WAN der nächsten Generation.

Equinix provides IT colocation and interconnection and connectivity services to 9,700+ companies in multiple industries worldwide. We are networking and cloud vendor-neutral, offering the flexibility of multiple high-performance connectivity options that companies need to scale and extend their IT infrastructures, as well as closer direct access to a large ecosystem of global customers, network providers and cloud services.

Our team of data center experts can help you design, test and deploy your corporate networks and WANs, IT infrastructures and cloud environments—mitigating risks and increasing the return on your IT and networking infrastructure investments.

Lokale Präsenz für eine gesteigerte, konsistentere Leistung

Die globale Verteilung Ihrer IT-Infrastruktur an Standorte in unmittelbarer Nähe zu Ihren Nutzergruppen ist der Schlüssel zu einer Leistungsmaximierung bei der Bereitstellung digitaler Inhalte und Applikationen. Die Reduzierung der zu passierenden Netzwerkstationen bei Datentransfers senkt die Latenzen signifikant und erhöht die Bandbreite. So sind Sie in der Lage, Ihren Anwendern lokal die bestmögliche Nutzungsqualität über ein WAN anzubieten.

Equinix Performance Hub™ solutions, distributed worldwide in our 210 data centers, enable you to leverage WAN optimization and peering technologies to eliminate inefficient, costly WAN routes, network choke points and variable QoE. Equinix's direct and secure connections avoid the public Internet and its inherent congestion and risks.


Performance Hub deployments allow you to control where and how you deploy your network and IT infrastructures, so you can deliver fast, more consistent performance, no matter where in the world your end users are. And Equinix Performance Hub solutions provide an easy on-ramp to hybrid clouds via Equinix Cloud Exchange™.

Equinix is in 55 major business markets on five continents and is home to 1,800+ networks and 2,900+ cloud, IT and system integrator services. With such a dense network, cloud and IT services ecosystem, there is no limit to the scalability you can achieve.

Platform Equinix™ colocation and IT service facilities enable you to reduce your WAN infrastructure overhead costs, while securely and reliably delivering your content and applications in <10ms to 90% of the population of North America, Western Europe, top markets in Asia-Pacific and Brazil.

No other data center provider has the geographic reach of our IBX® data centers. Equinix helps you take your IT infrastructure closer to your employees, partners and customers for maximum agility and speed.

Ein umfangreiches Business-Ecosystem aus Netzwerk-Providern

We house the data center industry’s highest density of interconnection and connectivity services, including many top Tier 1 networks. Companies interconnecting employees, partners and customers to enterprise networks can have backbone connectivity to the top global and regional multiprotocal label switching (MPLS) providers. Enterprises needing reliable network availability can use multi-homed, direct connect options to reduce the risk of network failure. By choosing Equinix as your global IT infrastructure provider, you can select from the largest ecosystem of networks and cloud providers and have the flexibility to leverage regional and local networks to meet specific performance and cost requirements.

Equinix is network-neutral, with a growing ecosystem of 1,800+ carriers, mobile services and network service providers. You can select the fastest, most efficient paths for delivering your content and applications, and you will have access to cloud services for all your local markets. Network service providers can deliver service to enterprises and cloud service providers at competitive prices. Enterprises and cloud service providers can leverage a competitive network provider ecosystem to find the best performing network for their diverse business needs.

Design, Tests und Implementierung

Equinix Professional Services combines specialized data center expertise with detailed knowledge of IT infrastructure and networks to help customers with all phases of WAN and data center network planning, design, testing and deployment. We will help you select the colocation facilities and network services that best meet your IT and business objectives.

Our Global Solutions Architects™ will advise you on complex deployments such as replacing costly MPLS and Optical (DWDM) circuits with high-capacity, low-cost metro-Ethernet circuits, or interconnecting headquarters and branch office locations to multiple network service providers within the closest Equinix IBX data center. For enterprises without the resources or expertise to perform data center IT deployment or cloud migrations, we offer turnkey solutions—no matter the size of company.

Our experts will also help you test and validate the performance of your IT infrastructure and network designs within our global Solution Validation Centers™ to lower your risk and maximize your users' QoE and your return on your IT infrastructure investments.