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Network Edge Aces Multicloud and Multi-Vendor Testing, Shows Secure, Strong Performance

Organizations can successfully and privately integrate virtual network services across multiple cloud platforms with Network Edge and place infrastructure closer to end-users. Find out how software-defined virtual network services fared in multicloud and multi-vendor testing that covered routing large numbers of UDP packets per second while also delivering high bandwidth with TCP packets.


  • How did Network Edge perform in multi-vendor, multicloud connectivity test
  • How can organizations looking to offload network services simplify their cloud infrastructure
  • How can you reduce complexity while providing near-zero packet loss and strong PPS routing

Hosting applications that handle sensitive information—be it government data, health data, or financial data—have different security concerns than companies offering VoIP services. They require strong bandwidth for encrypted TCP traffic to ensure that this vital data is protected in flight and at rest. Network Edge and Fortinet Firewall devices together can provide additional security and fast performance while also reducing complexity by virtualizing network services.

– “A Principled Technologies report-Hands-on testing, Real-world results,” Equinix, November 2020

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