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According to the results of the 2019 Turkey CIO Summit Survey, the level of DX implementation among enterprises in Turkey is quite high. Only 2% of organizations surveyed in early 2019 indicated that they had no DX plans, while 74% of organizations reported that they were currently executing DX strategies.78% of CIOs in Turkey considered cloud computing critical for their organization's DX strategy.

- Aslı Koçkal, Research Manager, Systems & Infrastructure Solutions, Turkey


A Cloud-First Approach for a Value-Driven DX Strategy for Organizations in Turkey - IDC

Infrastructure needs for Turkish organizations are changing according to new global business requirements and increasing digital transformation (DX) initiatives. Turkish technology leaders must adopt a cloud-first approach to achieve digital transformation, according to the IDC research report.


56% of CIOs in Turkey indicate that "infrastructure maintenance and servicing" is their leading datacenter challenge, while 29% identify "managing networks and connectivity" as their top concern
An interconnection-first approach will get the Turkish organizations a competitive edge
Deploy your cloud in interconnected carrier-neutral datacenters, combining tailored hybrid solutions with end-to-end connectivity, security, and disaster recovery services
The ability to manage multiple cloud environments in diverse physical locations a strategy for success

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