Globale Präsenz


Als Standort für mehr als 9.500 Equinix-Kunden erlauben es Ihnen unsere Rechenzentren, die Reichweite Ihrer E-Commerce-Infrastruktur zu erweitern und neue Kundengruppen zu erschließen.

Erweitern Sie Ihre globale Präsenz in weitere E-Commerce-Märkte.

Equinix has data centers in 44 major business markets on 5 continents, with access to 1,800+ networks and 2,900+ cloud, IT and system integrator services. The geographic reach and flexibility of Platform Equinix™ data centers enable you to house your e-commerce systems closer to partners and customers for greater responsiveness—a benefit you can’t get from any other data center provider.

Our 200 global data centers are home to 9,800+ Equinix customers, enabling you to expand the reach of your e-commerce infrastructure and attract new online shoppers. The Equinix Marketplace™ allows you to promote your products and services to thousands of Equinix customers around the world.

Globale Standorte

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