Silicon Valley IBX®-Rechenzentrum

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Equinix Ghost Map Lines
  • IBX Highlights

    Learn about Equinix SV11 carrier-neutral data center located in San Jose. See our interconnection options, certifications and more. SV11 and other Silicon Valley data centers serve the highest concentration of technology companies with the largest peering hubs in the world. Top software, IT, engineering, computer, internet content and microprocessor companies use these facilities to distribute high-availability, high-speed digital services. Get access to AWS Direct Connect and Azure Express Route.

  • Energieredundanz

    • N+1
  • Kühlredundanz

    • N+2
  • Zertifizierungen

    • Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf dem Spezifikationsblatt
  • Ausstattungsmerkmale

    • Breakroom
    • Loaner Tools
    • Crash Carts
    • Work Kiosks
    • Wifi
    • Conference Room

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