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Veteranenkarrieren bei Equinix


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2019 Military Friendly® Arbeitgeber

Equinix is proud to be recognized at the Bronze level as a Military-Friendly employer for 2019. This award ranks us along with Fortune 500 companies who strive to include military hiring initiatives in their recruitment efforts and have a work place culture that welcomes those who are transitioning into the civilian workforce.

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2017 Armed Forces Covenant

Equinix has been awarded UK’s Employer Recognition Scheme, Bronze Award by the Armed Forces Covenant. This award is for employers who promote being armed forces-friendly and are open to employing reservists, armed forces veterans, cadet instructors and military spouses/partners.

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Veteranen sind Führungskräfte bei Equinix

"As a former US Air Force officer, I have found a home away from home at Equinix. The culture here really resonates with me, especially with core values such as ‘put we before me,’ ‘be an energy supplier,’ and ‘serve others,’ that I believe will resonate with all military veterans and reservists. And what does Equinix want from you in return? Just your best effort every day, your leadership drive, your discipline, and your willingness to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Sounds perfect for us ex-military folks, doesn’t it? It is!"

Brian Lillie

Chief Customer Officer, EVP Technology Services

Lernen Sie ein paar Veteranen kennen, die bei Equinix Karriere machen

Brian D. Huard, CFM, DCE

Senior Manager, Facilities Operations

I joined the Equinix team in 2013 and over these last two years have found myself thinking that I just may have found my professional home.

Nach sechs Jahren Wehrdienst beschloss ich, dem Leben als Zivilist eine Chance zu geben und nahm einen Job als Außendiensttechniker an. Ich verbrachte die nächsten acht Jahre damit, meine Fähigkeiten kennenzulernen und sie zu verbessern, aber mir fehlte immer die Kameradschaft, die ich im Militär erlebt hatte.

For the last two years I have been working for Equinix as a member of the Southeast Regional team to achieve Equinix’ rigorously high standards regarding every aspect of the customer experience at our IBXs. It has been an extremely challenging endeavor and I know that our ultimate success would not have been possible if it weren’t for the willingness of my team to band together and act as one unit working toward a common goal. Some call it teamwork, working together or esprit de corps… I just know that since leaving the military, I hadn’t found it until I joined Equinix.

Jason Hochstein

Manager, IBX Operations

After serving for eight years in the U.S. Coast Guard and traveling all over the country for most of that time, my wife and I decided it was time to settle down.

Transitioning from a military lifestyle that offers an immense sense of security to the civilian world was unsettling to say the least. After doing some research, interviewing with a bunch of companies up and down the East Coast and weighing all of my options, it became clear to me that Equinix was the right choice.

Equinix versorgte mich mit einem anspruchsvollen und sich ständig weiterentwickelnden Umfeld, wo ich meine jahrelange Ausbildung sofort nach Arbeitsbeginn einsetzen konnte. Bereits nach kurzer Zeit bei der Firma erkannte ich, dass alle Prinzipien, welche die treibende Kraft für meinen Erfolg in meinem früheren Job waren, bei Equinix die gleichen waren, die gesucht und belohnt wurden. Vom ersten Tag an war das Gefühl der Sicherheit, von dem ich besorgt war, es zu verlieren, vorhanden.

I have now been with Equinix for just over eight years and I can honestly say that joining this team was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Jerry Collins

IBX Operations Support Ingenieur

As a veteran transitioning into a civilian career, one of the biggest needs that I had was to find an environment that truly supported the kind of camaraderie and cohesion between team members that was a daily part of my career as a soldier.

Having spent 20 years in the Air Force and then having been deployed as a civilian with the military as well, camaraderie is one of those things that very much became a tangible “need” for me in my career search – a need that anyone in or associated with the military would understand and one that working at Equinix helped me fill.

Über die Kameradschaft hinaus fand ich, dass die Arbeitsumgebung bei Equinix ähnlich zu meiner früheren beim Militär war, eine Organisation, die wirklich auf alle Facetten unseres Arbeitslebens achtet. Wir haben Zugang zu allen Tools und Anwendungen, die wir benötigen, um an unseren Arbeitsplätzen erfolgreich zu sein, und es wurden sogar Programme entwickelt, von denen wir auch in unserem persönlichen Leben profitierten, wie große medizinische Vorteile, bezahlte Freizeit und Ausbildung.

Wegen der starken Kameradschaft und diesen Programmen verlief meine Rückkehr aus Afghanistan viel reibungsloser und es half mir, mich gut anzupassen.

Scott Burlingame

Manager, Facilities Operations

As a veteran, I was hesitant about the transition to civilian life and how my training would translate. This turned out to be unfounded, however, as I quickly discovered that Equinix provides a challenging yet supportive environment in which I can directly utilize the skills I learned in the military.

The culture Equinix has fostered not only makes the transition seamless, but is also one in which veterans can thrive.

C.J. Baynon

IBX Network Technician IV

One of the biggest ways my experience in the U.S. Coast Guard prepared me for a career at Equinix was to instill in me its motto “Semper Paratus” or “Always Ready.” From the military I learned to develop a forward-thinking perspective that has allowed me to anticipate the future and quickly adapt to change.

As Equinix is at the forefront of providing services to its clients across a range of industries with technology that is constantly evolving, having this perspective has served me well.

FI think Equinix is a great career home for transitioning servicemen and women because of the way the culture really values the strong work ethic, dedication, and sense of duty that we bring to the table. There is also a great camaraderie among team members, many of whom have served in various branches of our nation’s armed forces, that makes Equinix a really fun place to work.

Damon Artison

Manager, IBX Operations

I was blessed to have a military career in telecommunications, a field that easily transitioned into the civilian world.

Through my experience in the military I learned core technical skills that have allowed me to be successful in my professional career. Beyond this technical training, the military also taught me the importance of a strong work ethic, teamwork, attention to detail, and how to follow processes and procedures. I have found all of these to be skills that are truly valued at Equinix.

One of the things I like most about working at Equinix is the chance to see that strong team culture in action every single day.

Supporting Heroes at Home

Equinix is a proud supporter of organizations that assist veterans on their journeys back into civilian life.


Kelly Kayser, Director of Global Talent Delivery at Equinix is the recipient of an ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) Patriot Award.


The Paradox Veterans program hosts backpacking, mountaineering, river rafting and rock climbing trips specifically designed to empower injured and disabled veterans as they reintegrate into civilian life.


The Headstrong Project provides veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan with free mental health care that works.


The Mission Continues sponsors veterans with training and fellowships at local non-profit organizations of their choice where they can make a difference.


Equinix partners with Ride 2 Recovery to support veterans’ mental and physical health by raising funds for specialized bikes with custom frame designs and adaptations.


Since 2001, G.I. Jobs® has been the premier brand in military recruitment, offering articles, tips and online tools to help veterans explore different career and post-secondary education options. Read Equinix employee and veteran, Todd Frey’s success story here ›

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