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Order Processing Information

Order Processing and Quote Forms will be changing

As we continue to integrate the Bit-isle systems onto the Equinix Customer One™ (ECO) platform, we will be making some changes to your quotes and order confirmation. At Equinix, we have consolidated the use of quotes and order forms and we will be replacing these with the Equinix Order.

The following information provides you with information about the Equinix Order. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on welcome.EQJ@ap.equinix.com.

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Changing to the Equinix Order Format

At Equinix, we have a standard Order format. The Equinix Order covers the information required including terms and conditions of sale. The signature field is at the end of the document for both customers and Equinix to sign.

After we have integrated the Bit-isle systems onto the Equinix Customer One™ platform, the following documents will be replaced with the Equinix Order:


Quotes and Order Forms will be replaced by the Equinix Order.

Application Forms

Application Forms will be replaced with the Equinix Order and Technical Requirement sheets will be replaced by the Equinix Customer Requirement Document (CRD).

Cancellation Documents

Cancellation Documents (Z-1) will no longer be required. Cancellation policies and procedures are included in the Order document.

Equinix Order Form

The Equinix Order format is shown below. This Order replaces the original Quote document and any other format which may have been used. Please refer to the descriptions for further information.

  1. Account Name – your company name
  2. Account Number – your company ID
  3. Currency – the currency of the quoted price
  4. Order Valid Until – the expiration date of the quote
  5. Initial Term – the initial contract period (months)
  6. Renewal Term - renewal period of the contract
  7. Non-renewal Notice - period for prior notice to cease auto-renewal
  8. IBX – which IBX this refers to
  9. Address - IBX location
  10. Product Code - code assigned to each service
  11. Product Description – product name and other particulars
  12. Qty – quantity of the ordered service
  13. UoM - unit of measure (KVA, etc.)
  14. Unit Pricing – price per each unit (quote price)
  15. Total Charges - the total value of the MRC / NRC of each product
  16. Effective Date - Invoicing start date

Order - Contractual terms

  1. Grand Total – total quote price of the NRC / MRC
  2. TERMS AND CONDITIONS - terms and conditions unique to that order

Order - Signature field

The signature page is at the back of the Order.

  1. Customers signature box
  2. Equinix signature box

Order Confirmation and Notification

Order confirmations are generated automatically and customers are kept informed throughout the order confirmation process.

* Die Übersetzung ist ausschließlich aus Zweckmäßigkeitsgründen verfügbar - die japanische Version hat für den Fall von Widersprüchen Vorrang.