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Equinix and Bit-isle Portal Service

Upon integration, the Bit-isle Information Portal (BIP) functionality will be available via the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP)

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Portal Service Migration

Transition Timing

As we finalize the integration of Bit-isle systems onto the Equinix platform, we will be integrating the Bit-isle Portal (BIP) into the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP). At this time, the Bit-isle Information Portal (BIP) functionality will be available as the link to the Managed Service Portal (MSP) in ECP.

Current portal (BIP) : https://bip.bit-isle.jp/
New portal (ECP) : https://portal.equinix.com/
(please note, the link to the ECP will not be operational for you until integration is complete)

New Registration details for the ECP

Upon integration, BIP customers will receive an email notification providing them with registration details so they can access the ECP. If you do not receive this notification on 13 February, 2018, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or contact the Service Desk on Servicedesk.JP@equinix.com .

Details of changes from Bit-isle Information Portal (BIP) to the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP)

The Services provided by ECP

The service you are currently receiving via the BIP will continue to be available via the ECP and MSP. However, please note that after integration, some functionality may change to align with Equinix policy and procedures. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Equinix Service Desk (Servicedesk.JP@equinix.com) if you have any queries.

The following table outlines the changes you will see from how you currently use the BIP and how you will access the BIP functionality via the ECP.

BIP function nameECP function compatibilityECP function nameSupplementary Explanation
BenutzerregistrierungECP: [User Management] - [Add User]Please go to User Management in the ECP
Contact Information (Colocation)ECP: [User Management] - [Modify User]For Colocation and Network, you can modify the user contact information for Maintenance and Incident information reports.
Contact Information (Managed Service)MSP: [Managed service contact information]For Managed Services, you can modify the user contact information for Maintenance and Incident information reports.
Admission RequestECP: [Service] - [Work Visit]Same function as Work Visit.
Facility ReservationKonferenzraumECP: [Service] - [Conference Room]This is to reserve Conference Rooms
Customer Break Room (TY9 Only)Rest Rooms will continue to be available and new instructions will be provided separately
Staging RoomStaging Rooms will continue to be available and new instructions will be provided separately
Request for loading and unloadingEquipmentECP: [Service] - [Shipments]To confirm time of delivery for shipments to the IBX via the ECP
Deliveries and ShipmentsECP: [Service] - [Shipments]To notify the IBX when you plan to load and unload your equipment to the IBX.
ID Card RequestECP: [Service] - [Security Access]Depending on your permission settings for your account, you may apply for additional access ID cards via the ECP
Other Request(Photography)New instructions will be provided separately
Branch Circuit MonitoringMSP: [Branch Circuit Monitoring]Customers who currently have Collocation Services at the following data centers (TY 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) will continue to have this service until further notice
Document DownloadMSP: [File Download]Contract related documents and manuals will be available for download
User Setting ChangeECP: [My Profile]
MSP: [User Authority]
Users can change the display settings on the ECP and the MSP.

Interface and Usage Instructions for the integrated ECP-MSP for BIP services

Some of the Managed Services functions such as Contact Information Management, Branch Circuit Monitoring, File Download, etc., excluding Collocation Service and Network Service used in BIP, are available in the ECP – MSP via the [Operation] - [Managed Services] menu.
For further information on options available via Managed Services, please check the Managed Service Portal (MSP) Operation Guide in the Download section of this Resource Center.

  1. ECP Login Interface


  2. Select ‘Operation’, then select ‘Managed Services’ to access the MSP


  3. Please click on service required


Operating the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) and the Managed Services Portal (MSP)

The Equinix Customer Portal (ECP) is a web portal designed to provide flexibility for customers. For more information on how to navigate the ECP, please click on the following link:
Further instructions for Administrators and Users can be found in the Managed Service Operations Guide and the videos available in the Download section of this Resource Center.

Equinix Customer Portal Mobile

Equinix customers may use ECP Mobile (iOS / Android) to order Equinix products and services, confirm orders, and communicate with Equinix technical experts. The ECP Mobile can also be used for Work Visit, Deliveries & Shipments, to log Trouble Tickets, request Security Access, Conference Room reservation and to place Smart Hands ™ orders. Customers can log in to this application using their ECP user name and password. In addition, deliveries will be notified to your mobile. Customers may also select Push type notification via the application setting. To download the mobile application please go Here.
If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager or the Equinix Service Desk on Servicedesk.JP@equinix.com