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In Equinix data centers, you can potentially connect to 1,300+ cloud and technology services to add and integrate new components into your IT environment. If you need to tie in a new hosted application or switch cloud providers, making the change in Equinix is easy, because top-tier cloud and technology services are accessible via one short cable connection.

147% increased throughput to leading cloud services through Equinix Cloud Exchange.™



  • Direct connections to AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure
  • Enhanced IT agility by accessing and interconnecting to the data center industry's largest collection of cloud and IT service providers: 1,300+ reside in Equinix facilities
  • Unmatched choice in network services to accelerate data delivery and cut 20% or more on WAN costs
  • 145 data centers on 5 continents to meet your colocation and connectivity needs
  • The data center industry's most advanced and broadly deployed cloud interconnection platform: Equinix Cloud Exchange™

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White Paper

GigaOm: How Direct-Access Solutions Can Speed Up Cloud Adoption

This paper will review the challenges that face both high-growth startups and established enterprises and then will offer various options for addressing these challenges.


Equinix Cloud Exchange - die Zukunft der Cloud

Equinix Cloud Exchange kombiniert die automatisierte Verbindung von Cloud, Netzwerk und Managed-Service-Providern mit umfangreichen Optionen zur Service-Orchestrierung. Dies verschafft Unternehmen den schnellen, flexiblen und direkten Zugang zu mehreren Cloud-Services gleichzeitig, den sie für den Aufbau und die Skalierung von Hybrid-Cloud-Lösungen benötigen.

White Paper

Ein Framework für den Zugang zur Cloud

Cloud computing offers the promise of cost-effective capacity on demand—anytime, anywhere, on any device. A cloud-enabled enterprise is able to exploit cloud services to meet its information technology needs easily and effectively.

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