Disaster Recovery und Business Continuity

Unplanned outages happen for reasons as routine as hardware failure and as extraordinary as floods and fires. But outages don't have to disable your operations. Equinix is home to the interconnection that can protect your business during a crisis or expedite its recovery. With 150 data centers and 1,400+ networks in 41 cities worldwide, Equinix gives your IT infrastructure the reliability, redundancy and resiliency needed to keep your business running—no matter what.



Equinix helps keep your business going by providing a rock-solid foundation for your data center infrastructure. Our average data center uptime globally is >99.99999%. That means we average less than six minutes downtime annually across our 150 data centers, and many of our sites never go down during that time. Mission-critical components in our data centers are designed with N+1 redundancy—meaning those components have at least one backup power feed—in case the electricity goes off. We also have enough fuel on site to run our backup generators for 24 to 48 hours. We are committed to industry-leading operational reliability, because we figure the best disaster recovery plan is one that’s never needed. With Equinix, you get peace of mind that your operations will continue running.

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Ausfallsichere Computing-Architekturen

When it comes to designing a disaster recovery strategy, distance makes a difference. Insufficient distance between a company's disaster recovery sites can leave its entire operations vulnerable to a regional storm or outage. With Equinix Performance Hub™, they never have to be.

Der Equinix Performance Hub erlaubt es Ihnen, geografisch verteilte Computing-Umgebungen zu implementieren, die Ihre IT-Infrastruktur verfügbar halten, auch wenn einige Komponenten ausfallen. Equinix bietet in allen seiner weltweit 150 Rechenzentren die Leistungen des Equinix Performance Hubs, der die Computing-Infrastruktur Ihres Unternehmens erweitert. Bei keinem anderen Anbieter von Rechenzentrumsleistungen können Sie mehr sicheren Abstand zwischen Ihre Recovery-Standorte bringen.

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Cloud-basiertes Disaster Recovery

Businesses are increasingly deciding that their best disaster recovery plans are built in the cloud, and Equinix has the interconnection to help create strategies that are cost-effective and tailored to a company's needs. A cloud-based disaster recovery plan virtually replicates a company's computing infrastructure in the cloud, rather than relying on earth-bound backup IT components. Equinix Cloud Exchange™ gives you direct and simultaneous connections to multiple cloud providers. Mix and match cloud services and create a disaster recovery plan that's resilient, cost-effective and quickly executed in a crisis. It's an advanced way to keep your operations whole, and Equinix has the technology you need to make it happen.

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Business Continuity Trading Rooms

There's never a good time for your mission-critical trading operations to go down. Equinix keeps your trading floor open through short-term outages and worst-case scenarios in the same secure, reliable and network-dense data centers that house the world's most important financial services ecosystems. Our Business Continuity Trading Room is available in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. It mirrors your trading room operations—right down to fully furnished workstations for front and back office.

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Expertenhilfe bei allen Problemen

Equinix bietet mehr als die globale Präsenz und die Rechenzentrumsflächen, die für die Realisierung flexibler Computing-Architekturen oder die Aufrechterhaltung des Geschäftsbetriebs bei Ausfällen der primären Infrastruktur benötigt werden. Wir bieten auch das notwendige Know-how.

Our Global Solutions Architects™ help companies design multi-site IT networks using our Performance Hub offering, which can bring your network almost anywhere worldwide, creating redundancies and increasing durability. Or they can help build Business Continuity Trading Rooms, where financial firms can transfer their operations and keep trading when normal business is interrupted. Our Solutions Architects bring decades of combined experience to whatever job they're doing, and that matters. Their work holds up, even in extraordinarily tough circumstances.

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