Equinix Professional Services for Cloud (EPS Cloud)

Incorporating the hybrid cloud into your enterprise operations may sound like a relatively simple undertaking—add hardware and capital, host your data externally, meet performance expectations—but the reality is much more complex.

Let EPS Cloud help you:

  • Gehen Sie den ersten Schritt hin zu Ihrer Cloud-Implementierung.
  • Beurteilen Sie Ihre Applikationen, um zu erfahren, welche davon Cloud-fähig sind.
  • Legen Sie fest, welche Anwendungen in die Cloud migrieren sollen.
  • Erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ihre Cloud optimieren, um Compliance-, Gesetzes- Datenschutz- und Intern-Vorgaben zu erfüllen.
  • Wählen Sie die richtigen Service-Provider und Architekturen, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihre individuellen geschäftlichen Anforderungen optimal abgedeckt sind.
  • Minimieren Sie die Risiken und Unterbrechungen, die mit einer Migration verbunden sind.
  • Informieren Sie sich, wie der Einsatz der Cloud für Disaster Recovery die Sicherheit fördert und Einsparungspotenziale generiert.

EPS Cloud – Hybrid Cloud Solution Specialist

Since 2010 EPS Cloud (formerly Nimbo) has been the "go to" cloud professional services company for large and mid-sized enterprises in virtually every business sector. A recognized industry thought leader and a member of the Equinix family, EPS Cloud empowers organizations like yours to design, develop and implement custom business solutions incorporating both current and emerging technology.

EPS Cloud specializes in migrating line-of-business applications to the cloud through individualized application development as well as integration and migration services. These processes maximize your IT investment and dramatically accelerate cloud adoption.

Equinix | Professional Services Cloud
  • EPS Cloud is the is the Microsoft-recommended Azure ExpressRoute system integrator for the United States
  • Microsoft Azure Partner of the Year & Gold Partner with multiple competencies
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner
  • Trusted partner to CIOs of some of the world’s largest companies with over 200 cloud engagements so far
  • A neutral partner—like Equinix—not tied to one carrier, technology or cloud provider.

Complete turnkey solutions individualized to your business

Hybrid cloud migration can never be a "one size fits all" approach. Solutions must be customized to your unique needs and requirements; otherwise there is the potential for significant problems. EPS Cloud looks at your migration holistically, analyzing every aspect of your operations involved with the infrastructure change. They in turn "architect in" solutions that maximize your cloud investment, including unprecedented access to Platform Equinix that empowers your company to make the most of emerging technologies.


EPS Cloud’s Assessment takes the mystery and uncertainty out of cloud migration, allowing you to make the best choices based on your specific business requirements. Delivered within one to two weeks, the assessment is a four-phase approach that offers:

  • A heat map of existing servers and applications outlining cloud readiness status, categorized by type, criticality and risk
  • A current and future architectural state analysis of all apps
  • Cloud Infrastructure Design—your environment re-envisioned for the cloud
  • A simplified migration plan
  • Total cost of ownership report and return on investment analysis

Zugang zur Cloud

Initiating your journey to the cloud can be a daunting experience, especially when so much of your infrastructure is on the line. EPS Cloud helps you take the first step into cloud computing, so you always get a good night’s sleep knowing your company is on the right path. Here’s how:

  • Create the foundational elements for your entire cloud infrastructure, giving you a solid base from which to grow and thrive.
  • Navigates you through the initial security and setup phases, ensuring every aspect of your operations are taken into account.
  • Request the Equinix Cloud Exchange Enablement service and EPS Cloud will complete the technical set-up and configuration to activate the Equinix Cloud Exchange service.

Cloud Migration

EPS Cloud will use your assessment results and combine the Lift and Shift and Greenfield migration methodologies to create the ultimate solution for your existing environment and objectives. Lift and Shift requires limited configuration and is the fastest way to migrate to the cloud, and Greenfield offers complete customization, use of latest technologies, application updates and optimized performance.

A migration with EPS Cloud is specifically designed to have little or no impact to ongoing operations.

  • The Lift and Shift methodology migrates company applications to the cloud without any code changes.
  • The Greenfield methodology designs the cloud from scratch and is engineered to maximize cloud capabilities.

Cloud Optimization

EPS Cloud's Optimization Service is the fastest, most complete way to optimize your enterprise cloud investment today and tomorrow, empowering your company to:

  • Control cloud spend with cost-effective cloud purchase models
  • Effectively schedule resource uptime
  • Enhance operational efficiency by leveraging new and renewed feature sets
  • Continuously evolve your systems and applications to make the most of the latest cloud advances
  • Easily move "always up" workloads to "on demand"

Wie ebnet Equinix Ihren Weg zu Hybrid-Cloud-Lösungen?

With data centers in major metro areas strategically located globally, industry leading business ecosystems, and with our advanced interconnection capabilities we make it easier to manage connections to multiple cloud services while removing concerns about security, performance, reliability and vendor lock-in.

  • 145+


  • 40


  • 180.000+

    Cross Connects

  • 2.500+


  • >99.99999%


What does this mean for you?

  • Von Light Reading mit dem Leading Light Award 2015 für den "Most Innovative Carrier Cloud Service" ausgezeichnet. Dies belegt die Position von Equinix als führender Innovator im Markt für Cloud-Interkonnektivität.
  • All the major cloud providers are accessible via direct connect or the cloud exchange
  • High availability Cloud Exchange

Weitere Informationen


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