GigaOm: Quality in the Cloud – Best Practices for ISV's

What to expect when you're moving to the cloud. For most ISVs, cloud computing represents an opportunity to open new markets and making applications more accessible to scores of new customers. But, because most ISVs sit at the intersection of service delivery and end-user expectations, going to the cloud frequently involves much more than a line-by-line rewrite of apps and developing a new infrastructure and distribution system—it also means selecting the hosting service to create and manage the cloud delivery system. To download your copy of this report, which includes valuable guidance on selecting hosting partners and measuring performance, complete the form today.

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CITO Research: Das Geheimnis guter Geschäftsergebnisse: Wie richtige Netzwerkverbindungen die Applikationsleistung steigern

Für zufriedene Kunden und positive Geschäftsergebnisse benötigen Sie ein schnelles Netzwerk. Anwendern ist es heute egal, ob sie Ihren Service auf einem Desktop-Computer oder einem mobilen Endgerät nutzen: Wenn sie warten müssen – und seien es auch nur ein paar Sekunden – werden sie gehen und möglicherweise nie mehr zurückkehren. Und manches Mal ...

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CITO Research: Der Herausforderung Big Data erfolgreich begegnen: Get Close, Get Connected

Success with big data starts with the network.
It's true: Companies that know how to leverage big data to better understand and target their customers and transform their businesses will enjoy a significant advantage over their competitors who don't. But to truly collect, store and analyze big...

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THINKstrategies: Skalierung der SaaS-Bereitstellung für langfristigen Erfolg

Architect the system that will meet your service delivery needs. New IaaS and PaaS resources have eliminated many barriers to entry for SaaS providers, but have also led to an increasing number of players vying for market share. This "Cloud Rush" effect also means that it's easier than ever for...





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