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According to several studies, 80% of all enterprise workloads are processed within the walls of the enterprise. Similarly, 95% of all IT services are delivered in a labor hour or fixed price model. 1901 Group enterprise class managed services + Equinix IBX Data Centers are changing the way IT public and private sector organizations consume IT. Migrating applications to a secure, scalable, hybrid cloud environment while managing the hybrid cloud environment and the on-premise IT enterprise in a low risk, cost effective manner is the power of the 1901 Group + Equinix IBX partnership.

Simplifying Enterprise with IT-as-a-Service

1901 Group manages complex IT environments from a 24x7 FedRAMP-certified operations center. Our IT-as-a-Service model: 1- reduces IT management costs by 50%, 2- provides integrated situational awareness across geographic locations and IT services, and 3- coupled with Equinix IBX Data Centers, provides secure, scalable, hybrid cloud environments for mission critical workloads. 1901 Group has experience architecting and managing complex IT hybrid cloud environments.

Providing highly-secure managed services that enable organizations to transition to cloud solutions.


  • Only FedRAMP certified Managed Enterprise IT service provider in the Federal sector.
  • Expertise in design, migration, and management of large scale enterprise IT environments (network, storage, compute, database, security operations) all in an “as-a-service” model for public, private, and hybrid operating environments.
  • In3Sight Service Monitor provides an integrated IT monitoring solution that combines big data analytics for early warning identification of performance problems for proactive resolution through 1901 Group’s 24x7 Operations Center.
  • Cloud-based, Information Security Continuous Monitoring-as-a-Service (ISCM) achieves enterprise security compliance for assets, configuration, and vulnerability management. This service is also used to improve Federal Agency’s CAP ISCM compliance.
  • Deep knowledge in security operations, vulnerability management, VPN and firewall, SIEM and security posture assessments.
  • Customer portal provides holistic view of the enterprise across geographies, services, data centers, and public/private cloud environments.
  • Private cloud, storage-as-a-service (STaaS) and disaster recovery service that allow customers to securely connect to leading cloud service providers for compute while maintaining their storage in a FedRAMP private cloud.
  • Services available through GSA Alliant Small Business GS-06F-0630Z and GSA Schedule GS-35F-0617W

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Equinix Cloud Exchange - die Zukunft der Cloud

Equinix Cloud Exchange kombiniert die automatisierte Verbindung von Cloud, Netzwerk und Managed-Service-Providern mit umfangreichen Optionen zur Service-Orchestrierung. Dies verschafft Unternehmen den schnellen, flexiblen und direkten Zugang zu mehreren Cloud-Services gleichzeitig, den sie für den Aufbau und die Skalierung von Hybrid-Cloud-Lösungen benötigen.

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Equinix Cloud Exchange

Equinix Cloud Exchange is an advanced interconnection solution that enables on-demand, direct network connectivity to multiple cloud providers in major metro areas throughout the world.

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