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15. Februar 2005

Residential VoIP Provider Establishes Connectivity Infrastructure at Equinix Data Center

Foster City, CA — February 15, 2005 — Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the leading provider of network-neutral data centers and Internet exchange services, today announced that SunRocket, Inc., a residential Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider, has deployed its network connectivity operations to Equinix's Washington, D.C. area Internet Business Exchange™ (IBX®) center, with plans to expand to additional Equinix IBX centers. The agreement allows SunRocket to use Equinix's Internet hub as a centralized point to directly connect to the networks serving its end-user customers and to facilitate a more streamlined path for voice packets traversing SunRocket's network.

As a residential provider of high quality VoIP services, SunRocket requires a connectivity infrastructure that ensures the fastest and most reliable transfer of data between residential customer locations and destination networks or handoff with the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). To accommodate SunRocket's rapid growth, Equinix offers a flexible platform for scaling operations.

By operating at Equinix, SunRocket can deploy a secure and reliable network connectivity infrastructure with direct access to a critical mass of network service providers for the exchange of packet telephony data, including all of the largest end-user networks. By directly interconnecting with these strategic partners within the same physical location, as opposed to linking to them in multiple locations across great distances, SunRocket can greatly streamline the network connectivity and the path between origin and destination networks. The result is an enhanced connectivity infrastructure that improves performance and speed while reducing bottlenecks and overall connectivity costs.

In addition to an improved network infrastructure, SunRocket, Inc. will also operate within Equinix's industry-leading data center environment that provides a secure and redundant platform for online operations with a strong track record of uptime. Power operations at each center include a high-performance backup system that provides uninterrupted power even in the event of utility power disruption. Security features include interlocking "mantrap" doors, multiple layers of biometric hand-geometry scanners controlling access, as well as 24-hour security officers and hundreds of surveillance cameras.

"SunRocket is committed to delivering the highest quality Internet phone service," said Rob Mainor, SunRocket Chief Operating Officer. "Equinix provides a place where we can connect with all of our strategic network partners, enabling SunRocket to deliver a high level of reliability with no latency, as well as the most robust network connectivity infrastructure available. At the same time, the flexible platform allows SunRocket to scale operations as we continue our nationwide expansion.."

"As the Internet telephony market is poised for significant growth, SunRocket and other VoIP providers can leverage Equinix's unique environment to implement a latency-free infrastructure that meets the high QOS demands VoIP end-users," said Margie Backaus, chief business officer of Equinix. "Equinix's Internet hubs also offer a flexible platform to rapidly scale operations to meet business growth."

About SunRocket

Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, SunRocket, the "no gotcha" phone company, is bringing Internet phone service to mainstream America with the nation's first full-year, flat-rate home phone package. SunRocket is the only company to offer complete Internet phone service at an all-inclusive, bottom-line annual price of $199, with no hidden charges, termination penalties or "gotchas." SunRocket makes it easy for households with high-speed Internet access to take advantage of the incredible value and enhanced capabilities of state-of-the-art Internet telephony. Nokia Venture Partners is the lead investor in the privately-held corporation. For more information, see the company's web site at

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