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December 5, 2005

IXEurope Connects Switzerland’s Internet Exchange Points

IXEurope makes major upgrades to Switzerland's Internet Exchange IXEurope, Europe's fastest growing datacenter services specialist, has today announced significant upgrades to Switzerland's internet exchange. The new infrastructure incorporates Ethernet connectivity between the two premier internet exchange points (TiX and CiXP) and an upgrade between the two CiXP locations.

CiXP is the internet exchange point for the Geneva area and is available from CERN (The world's largest particle physics laboratory) and IXEurope's Geneva IXDatacenter. IXEurope has upgraded the infrastructure between these two locations with CWDM to provide 10Gb services for the Geneva area. Owned by IXEurope since April 2001, Zurich based TiX is the most important public internet exchange in Switzerland and is dual-hosted within two IXDatacenters in the Zurich Technopark.

IXEurope has deployed a ports-based VLAN trunk between TiX and CiXP. The two internet exchanges handle nearly 90% of the inner-Swiss internet traffic and ISPs are now able to interconnect and exchange IP traffic (peer) directly with members of both, as the bulk of national ISPs (as well as many other major international ISPs) are members of these internet exchanges.

The upgrades place IXEurope in a very good position in the heart of Europe's internet exchange network. With more than 70 ISPs within the TiX and CiXP, IXEurope is well positioned to leverage its dominant position in the Swiss market. Guy Willner, CEO of IXEurope, comments

"As Switzerland's largest independent market place for exchanging internet traffic, we're delighted to make these services available to our customers. The new infrastructure is helping to fulfil industry demand to integrate peering connections and is beneficial to all members of the community, adding resilience and value in further developing the peering platform. The new services will help us to maintain our position at the forefront of the industry in Switzerland, and helps Switzerland to remain a strategic hub for the Internet in Europe."

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